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Listen to your bees

Pairing the timeless knowledge of beekeepers and a global database of bee sound with the latest developments in IoT, digital signal processing, and AI technologies, the BuzzBox helps you deepen your understanding of your honey bee friends.

BuzzBox Mini

Join the world's leading beehive monitoring platform. Our cutting-edge AI Health Monitor listens to your bees and factors in sensor data and your digital hive journals to monitor hive conditions around the clock.

Technical Specs

iPhone with OSBeehives Bee App

Get the OSBeehives Beekeeping App

Use our beekeeping app to automatically detect a growing list of hive conditions, so you can more effectively care for your bees. Your AI assistant is constantly learning from a global network of beekeepers studying bee sound.

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icon demonstrating the dormant hive buzzbox classifier state


icon demonstrating the missing queen buzzbox classifier state

Missing Queen

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icon demonstrating the collapsing hive buzzbox classifier state


icon demonstrating the collapsed hive buzzbox classifier state


The OSBeehives App Works With Just a Smart Phone. Pair With a BuzzBox for the Full Experience

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Stunning Data Visualization

Enjoy a new level of access to your hive data through detailed historic graphs.

icon representing the audio playback feature of the buzzbox app

Audio Playback

Play and share your colony's unique bee sound, wherever you are.

icon representing the data redirects feature of the buzzbox app

Data Redirects

Set up your own server to store or process your raw data, conduct research and contribute to global scientific knowledge.

icon representing the bring your own device feature of the buzzbox app

Bring Your Own Device

Install the app and request a free API key to submit hive data from any device capable of performing HTTPS requests.

Join the Global Network

Data Points




Thousands of people in over twenty countries have joined our global beekeeping network. Get the BuzzBox: inspect your hive with our BuzzBox AI health monitor, track your observations, treatments, and harvests, and share data with other beekeepers worldwide.

The Leading Bee Monitor for Professional Beekeepers

Used by Phil Chandler, the London Beekeepers' Association, and at the Australian Parliament Apiary

Sharing is Fun

Check out our open source technologies.

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