Record & Analyze Bee Sound With Your Smart Phone

Get the OSBeehives Beekeeping App and join a global network of beehive data gatherers. Let's help the honey bee!

Link to App Store where you can download the OSBeehives Beekeeping App and start analysing your own bee sound Link to Google Play store where you can download the OSBeehives app

Hive Health Monitor

Your digital beekeeping assistant can detect the health of your bees using artificial intelligence and digital signal processing.

Listen to Your Bees

Record and save hive audio recordings from your hives.

Share With Your Friends

Share your bee sound recordings and colony health status with your friends.

Global Science Network

Redirect raw data to your own server for processing, storage, and conduct experiments using our app and hardware.

Ever-Learning AI

By using the app and giving us feedback, the hive health monitor becomes a better beekeeping assistant.

Bring Your Own Device

We fully support makers by allowing anyone to push data to the app using our free API keys.

Step 01: Load the Recording Screen

You have a 5s countdown to prepare.

Step 02: Insert Your Phone Mic in Your Hive

Place the mic just inside the hive entrance.

Step 03: Review the Health Monitor Results

Confirm the results or give feedback to improve the system.

Buy a BuzzBox

And Monitor Your Hive Health 24/7 In Real-Time